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What makes our cPanel hosting service different?

What is cPanel?

cPanel Hosting is a great management tool. Which is design to get the most out of your hosting. It first lets you create and use email addresses. Today, email communication has become an integral part of any online business . or project. cPanel hosting allows you to install Transformers, and anti-spam tools to help you keep your inbox clean. Also, you will find an easy-to-use file manager to help you . with daily tasks. You can also create an FTP user and connect to your host using any FTP client. A great tool if you need to give file access to a developer or partner. Domain management tools will help you add multiple domains . Or subdomains under your host while managing their DNS records at the same time.

What is cPanel hosting?

cPanel hosting is a type of shared hosting service. Where most clients are hosted on a single server. clients sharing server resources. This helps to reduce costs, as server costs and their resources are distributed across all client-captured packages. Shared Hosting is ideal for personal websites, small and medium-sized businesses that do not require all server resources.

Can I host multiple websites within a single cPanel Hosting system?

Yes, you can host multiple websites under a single cPanel hosting program.

You will need to create a new account and set your hosting location . With the same username, password, email address and server name as another account. You can host multiple websites under a single cPanel hosting program. You need to make sure your hosting plan has the ability . To control the number of websites you want to host.

If your hosting plan cannot accommodate a number of websites. Onlive Servers recommends using a VPS or dedicated server for each website.

However, your website hosting account will only have one IP address and one email address.

This will allow you to host multiple websites on the same hosting plan .And you will not have to worry about crashing your website due to another website on the same hosting plan.

How do I know if cPanel Hosting is right for me?

First, you need to make sure that the cPanel hosting plan is compatible with your website and server. You can do this by checking the cPanel hosting plans available on the Onlive Server.

If your company has high traffic or a lot of visitors . You will need to choose a program that offers unlimited bandwidth and storage space . As these features will help support the performance of your website. If you are a beginner and you do not yet have many visitors. Consider choosing a smaller size plan that offers lower monthly payments to avoid overspending.

The benefits of cPanel hosting are:

Onlive Server offers the advance hosting with cPanel is easier to use than other types of hosting. And provides advanced features such as backup copy, site statistics, and control panel for easy website management. As well as providing responsive support for your questions and concerns on a regular basis .You get many features through the cPanel interface. And the software in it is constantly being updated and updated.

Comes with a large community support program. cPanel is a type of hosting control panel that allows the user to manage his website and applications. And it is useful for those people. Those who do not have the knowledge to manage websites. Or you do not know how to install plugins.

cPanel can used on servers, virtual private servers, cloud servers, and dedicated servers. It comes with many features such as FTP access, webmail access, website, caching services, and much more.

cPanel hosting is an excellent solution for many people who want to host their own websites.

Hosting Security:

You should choose servers where you can get the easiest server security. In today’s world, when data protection your client considered important . You will need to stick to a simple server with strong security features. All forwarding of server information should treated in a relative manner . So that there is no possibility of leaking server information to any third party.


It is important to purchase the best quality cPanel hosting . But at the same time, you should wait for the best value packages available in the market. Most well-known and well-received hosting providers offer a simple standard package. You will hear a complete combination of all the required server components. You can also choose special packages according to the need of your business. Many hosting companies will provide you with the most useful cPanel hosting by providing you with a customized package. You will find only the essentials for servers, which are able to advertise your business needs on the business website. Getting the best quality hosting at the lowest cost can help . You provide your clients with the best technology related to your company’s website and website within your budget.

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