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Buy cPanel Web Hosting to Inaugurate Your Business by Onlive Server

With all these features it can’t get any better than Onlive Server’s cPanel Web hosting plans. For more information on what you get with each plan check out their page below: Onlive Server offers four cPanel Web hosting plans that are flexible enough for beginners or professionals alike. The Starter Plan starts at only $2/month […]

WordPress Website Hosting

Choose WordPress Website Hosting for Your Website – Onlive Server

If so, you’ll need WordPress Website Hosting in order to start building your site and posting content for visitors to see. Fortunately, Onlive Server offers reliable WordPress Website Hosting plans designed with everything you need and at an affordable price. Fast and secure, each plan gives you access to a range of features. That can […]

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What makes our cPanel hosting service different?

What is cPanel? cPanel Hosting is a great management tool. Which is design to get the most out of your hosting. It first lets you create and use email addresses. Today, email communication has become an integral part of any online business . or project. cPanel hosting allows you to install Transformers, and anti-spam tools […]