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Onlive Server – The Best Spain VPS Server for Reliability, Availability, and High Performance

Building your own web hosting platform can seem like an expensive and complicated prospect, especially if you’re not familiar with server architecture and aren’t sure what to do in the first place! This isn’t the case when you choose to purchase a Spain VPS Server from Onlive Server, however, as our cloud-based technology allows us to provide the best Spain VPS Server on the market at an affordable price. Onlive Server offers the following benefits that you won’t find elsewhere

Choosing the Right Type of Server

When you’re looking for a new server provider, keep an eye out for terms like virtual private server (VPS) or managed dedicated server. If your website requires heavy-duty processing power or lots of bandwidth at peak times (like a popular e-commerce store), you should go with a managed dedicated server. They offer more control and flexibility than shared servers without being so complicated that they put limits on your growth potential. Onlive Server offers affordable pricing on both kinds of servers as well as high-performance cloud hosting services if you want to take full advantage of its growing ecosystem of features.

Choosing Between SSD Storage or HDD Storage

For one thing, with SSD storage you’ll have a much easier time keeping your data stored safely. Magnetic hard disk drives (HDDs) are used in most regular desktop computers today, and although they can be quite fast in certain situations—most notably when it comes to reading data off of them—they can also be incredibly slow. When it comes to storing your files on an HDD rather than an SSD, you’re looking at seconds versus minutes depending on how often you need to access said files. Granted, SSDs can fail just as HDDs can fail; however, there is a far greater chance that something will go wrong with your system if you’re using magnetic hard disk drives rather than solid-state drives.

Choosing between Dedicated Hosting or Virtual Private Servers

If you need server space that’s as close to a dedicated host as possible but isn’t ready to commit completely, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an excellent option. This setup allows you to use your own operating system while still getting all of the resources you need. You don’t get full root access with a VPS, but it’s pretty close—you’ll have almost unlimited control over how your server is configured. Additionally, setting up backups will be much easier. A great feature of our cheap VPS server packages is that you can set up backups manually if you prefer; we have a lot of options when it comes to storage and backup so it’s easy to fit whatever needs you might have!

Choosing Between Windows or Linux Operating System

Cheap VPS plans are offered by different providers. For your Cheap VPS plan, you can choose between Windows or Linux operating system. Onlive Server offers Windows 2003 and 2008 64-bit editions along with the best affordable cheap VPS server hosting plans in India. We also offer Linux options including CentOS, and Ubuntu Operating systems on our Cheap Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Plans in India. With our Cheap VPS Server, you will get access to installation files of either one of these OSes depending upon your preference. You can select a particular Operating System while ordering a cheap VPS server in India from our website and order a plan that suits your needs in terms of RAM, Disk Space & Bandwidth.

Choosing between 4GB RAM and 16GB RAM Servers

Knowing what kind of server you want to run is an important step in picking out a good VPS. There are four major kinds of servers: CPU servers (often used for individual websites), Memory servers (for general-purpose computing), GPU servers (used specifically by gamers), and Storage servers (for large media organizations). We offer both CPU and Memory based VPSes at Onlive. Our most popular type of server is our Memory-based 16GB RAM box, which is great if you need a lot of memory or wants to run multiple virtual machines. For something more lightweight like basic personal hosting or a small business site that doesn’t need much in terms of system resources, 4GB RAM will be plenty.

Other Important Points to Keep in Mind

If you want to know more about Onlive Servers’ VPS web hosting services in detail then you can read reviews written by their clients. If you are still confused or not satisfied with our services, do let us know. You can also send us a ticket on our support portal anytime and we will be there to assist you in any manner possible. So go ahead now. Place your order with Onlive Server before we run out of stock. We offer a free trial facility for all new customers that last up to 14 days so that they can get familiar with our services before buying them. Our 24/7 tech support staff will be there to help you through chat or email if needed during your trial period.