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How to Choose Best Operating System for Your Cheap Windows VPS Hosting?

When you’re looking to host your website on a server, you have several options to choose from when it comes to the operating system of that server. Each option offers its own benefits, but also some drawbacks, so choosing the right one will ensure that your site can run smoothly and efficiently while still giving you access to all the great options of the hosting package you choose. To help guide you along in this process, here are some factors you should take into consideration when deciding which operating system to use with your Cheap Windows VPS Hosting account.

How did users set up Cheap Windows VPS Hosting?

Setup isn’t difficult and doesn’t take very long. However, there are a few things you will need to do in order to get started with your new Cheap Windows VPS Hosting. The following are simple steps that will guide you through the setup process:

# Step 1 – Select which Windows operating system you would like

# Step 2 – Create an account

# Step 3 – Decide on your Plan type

# Step 4 – Name your server, IP address, and Domain name

# Step 5 – Install Softaculous in a Cpanel hosting account (step-by-step instructions)

Things to Consider

– Evaluate your needs and figure out what you need in an operating system. Decide what it is you will use the server for, whether are there specific apps that need to be used on the server, how much storage is needed, etc.

– Research other operating systems as they have their own benefits and see which one might be a better fit. Do they have a faster loading time? Do they offer more disk space? What is available on each OS?

– Try out each OS and see if it suits your needs or not. Each type of operating system has a different feel when using it so you may find one to be easier than another.

Recommended OS for Cheap Windows VPS Hosting

It’s important to choose an operating system before you purchase your new Virtual Private Server (VPS) from a hosting provider. There are many options available today, so it can be difficult to determine which one will work best with your needs. One option that offers many benefits is Ubuntu. Its live CD allows you to see if it will work well on your server before you purchase it, and Linux-based software is compatible with most common applications and scripts. Plus, by buying Windows VPS hosting, you are in need of an operating system. Buying a Microsoft OS can cost as much as five times more than going with a Linux-based solution like Ubuntu, while still delivering comparable levels of stability and performance.

– Linux

Some people will also say that Linux is another alternative to this situation. And as it’s often a lower-priced option, many companies find it more appealing in some sense.

For those looking into going with this option, they can be assured of a system that supports all their current needs. Linux servers are also easier to create and manage when you’re working with them directly. Plus, their cost makes them perfect for cheaper VPS hosting solutions like these windows vps servers are great too though if you don’t want the risks of Linux like hackers on Linux hosting or CPU problems that might happen due to an error in distribution windows server has well-balanced CPUs so what’s your best decision in this?

– FreeBSD

*One of FreeBSD’s more interesting features is jails, which allow you to isolate a service and its processes from your machine without having to create separate physical systems or networks.

*FreeBSD is an operating system that embraces and expands on UNIX concepts. It’s very modular in design, so in addition to giving it a wide variety of pre-installed applications, users can install modules that are written by third-party programmers. Plus, it has strong security thanks to patches submitted by a large community of experts.

*FreeBSD has been available as an operating system since 1993 when its founder was working on updating AT&T’s Unix after he left AT&T and made the source code publicly available through his own company called Berkeley Software Design Inc., or BSDI.


OpenSolaris is a Unix-based operating system, which was created by Sun Microsystems in 2003. It can function on servers and desktops, and it was designed from the ground up with today’s mobile computing needs in mind. It improves support for today’s touch interfaces and mobility issues. Many of the advanced graphics and security capabilities that are built into OpenSolaris were also created with convergence between Linux and Microsoft in mind.

– Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Server

There are many operating systems that one can choose from when purchasing a cheap Windows VPS Server. The decision, however, comes down to what one needs for the job at hand. If it is about large-scale enterprise workloads like Exchange and SQL Server, there is only one choice- Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Server. This OS from Microsoft comes with lots of features that make it perfect not just as a server but also as a virtual machine guest on a Hyper-V server or VMware vSphere. Other operating systems may have some features but do not have nearly as much support in this area which makes them less attractive options.

– CentOS 7 Linux Distribution

CentOS 7 Linux Distribution is an enterprise-level, general-purpose operating system that can also be installed on your Cheap Windows VPS Hosting. It’s a Linux-based operating system that features automatic security updates and rollbacks, and it was designed with stability as its priority. This makes it easier to keep track of everything that’s happening within your computer, like security patches or changes made by other software. Plus, this distribution is known for being easy to maintain and provides stable support so you’ll never need to worry about restarting your Cheap Windows VPS Hosting if you run into a crash.


When you buy Cheap Windows VPS Hosting, there are a few things that you need to consider. Firstly, you want to buy a great operating system. Not only will this offer many benefits like less costs and more control, but it will also make your workstation run better and faster. If you want all of these benefits without costing too much, then it is important that you choose one of our Cheap Windows VPS Hosting plans today!