Enticing Ways to Improve Your Best Dedicated Server Skills – Onlive Server

The best-dedicated server is a single web server installed in a data center and dedicated specifically to a single client. You may use 100% of all resources like CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, and Disk Space.

There is no need to share your services with other customers. All hardware is fully deliver and set up for you. You can install any custom software to run on your dedicated server.

Ideal for businesses that have high traffic and are looking for dedicated resources in a stable environment.

Why Choose Best Dedicated Server-

Anytime Availability-

Even a few minutes of relaxation is very dangerous for your business but it is no longer. Our dedicated servers is install in the data centers. And that is why we guarantee the highest availability of our servers 24×7. Your website is accessible it is hand in our cases with speed and performance.

Stable Security and DDOS Protection

Security is very important on all websites. Our defunct network building has a comprehensive security system to protect your servers from viruses, malware, bot attacks, cybercrime, and other malicious attachments. We have installed an effective DDOS protection feature across all layers of your network.

Optional Choice Operating System

If you order any server dedicated to Onlive Server, you are free to choose the operating system. Your choice to be either Linux or Windows. The functionality of your website can be slow. That is why it requires a better and more efficient operating system. To operate reliably when installing different applications.

Easy to use Control Panel

We provide a world-renowned control panel cPanel for Linux Powered servers and Plesk for Windows Powered servers. User graphical interface, intuitive menus, and comprehensive management options give you reliable server management without special knowledge and skills.

Real Speed and Total Speed

The website should be fully load within 3secs and any delay will result in customer loss. Therefore, the fast-loading site is mandatory for all businesses. Our technical team is always vigilant to ensure timely updates. And tunes our servers to deliver all requests as quickly as possible leading to greater speed of your website.

Excellent and Stable Performance

Everyone buys a Dedicated Server for better performance than shared hosting. VPS hosting at all times for different upload situations. We promise our customers and provide them with dedicated hardware and software to optimize. Their websites without inconsistencies in various loads.

Real Dedicated Hosting Experience

Our key are Clarity and Quality so you will get the mentioned features like CPU, RAM, HARD-DISK, Bandwidth dedicated to you only. And it will not shared. Your dedicated services are charged with the latest technology for making the best use. Your hosting server with the highest possible performance.

Best time up to 99.99%

Onlive Server ensures that all of our servers are 99.99% up. And accessible at any time of the day and night. We only use Dell Power Edge servers that work best in our data center. We also provide managed services like system protection, virus protection, server monitoring, software pool updates, and managed backups.

24×7 Dedicated Support Team

We also ensure the satisfaction of our customers by providing 24x7x365 circular technical support to our dedicated customers. We have hired dedicated domain professionals who can effectively manage our servers. And it trained with all the necessary information. To communicate with our customers and fix issues in the event of such events.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We have included both local and remote support team members to provide technical support to our customers. By multiple channels such as live chat, phone calls, email, and ticket purchase programs. We guarantee 100% satisfaction if you use our guaranteed hosting services at the highest quality. And best performance at any time on our servers without flexibility.

Below are a few of the server benefits offered:

Performance & Reliability:

With a dedicated server, you will get unlimited bandwidth and webspace, to allow you to fully control the information, resources, and accessible media, which are shared. Maintained by you on your website. From its CPU capacity, webspace, memory, and other important resources not shared will not slow down or interfere with traffic from other websites.


Because you will not share the server with other web pages. You will be an extremely increased amount of control. Over the server compared to shared hosting. For example, you may have full root access restricted through shared hosting services.


If you wish to provide your guests and important clients with the best information possible, a dedicated server can be the right choice for you. Allows your visitors to use and access all of your pages faster. This is especially important when using an online store, eCommerce website, or webpage relating to money transactions.

Features of Dedicated Server-

• We regularly use advanced Dell PowerEdge servers. Equipped with racks with powerful Intel processors, offering a wide range of customizations.

• Our managed dedicated server services with 24/7 effective monitoring and guaranteed. Problem-solving support give you complete peace of mind in your workplace.

• We provide custom-configured server configurations for most large websites with customized solutions.