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Buy cPanel Web Hosting to Inaugurate Your Business by Onlive Server

With all these features it can’t get any better than Onlive Server’s cPanel Web hosting plans. For more information on what you get with each plan check out their page below:

Onlive Server offers four cPanel Web hosting plans that are flexible enough for beginners or professionals alike. The Starter Plan starts at only $2/month for businesses. New to WordPress Hosting or looking for an affordable solution for a small site.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a commonly used web hosting control panel software. Which makes it easy for users to manage their domains and web hosting. With numerous tools and features. Including access to the Softaculous app installer that can be used for installing apps like WordPress on your website. There are various other add-ons available with cPanel such as Fantastico De Luxe, Softaculous, Installations, etc.

What is cPanel hosting?

The term cPanel stands for the control panel and refers to a web-based administration tool . That allows you to manage your account. If you buy cPanel web hosting from us. Then you’ll have access to our own easy-to-use version of cPanel’s advanced features. With our plans, you’ll be able to customize and secure your website with just a few clicks of a mouse!

Features of cPanel Web hosting

  • 2 GB Dedicated-Memory on VPS or Dedicated Servers.
  • 1 TB Transfer Bandwidth
  • IP Addresses are provided free of cost along with SSL certificates.
  • We monitor and secure servers round clock.
  • You will get a free domain name for one year. When you buy any of our web hosting plans from us.
  • Our friendly customer care representatives are here to help you 24X7. 365 days a year for your every query related to web hosting services. To know more visit us today!

Advantages to cPanel Web hosting

cPanel is a program that helps you install and use more than 60 popular open-source applications. Including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and over 20 others. Since it’s easy to install applications with cPanel Hosting. You can get any website up and running quickly on our servers. This means you can spend less time learning technical jargon and more time building your site. The Linux-based operating system that we run on all of our VPS Web Hosting plans.Will give you access to one of the most powerful platforms for running the modern day.Web applications in 2013. That includes ultra-fast access and storage with Solid State Drives (SSDs). With SSD hosting, page loading times will be lightning-fast – even during peak hours.

My Personal experience about cPanel Web Hosting

My search for the best, efficient and cost-effective web host ended with an Onlive Server. It offers premium services at an affordable price. There are various features that make their servers stand out from others like unlimited bandwidth. High-speed loading of website, and a huge number of options available for you to improve your website appearance. Now I will always recommend them to everyone who is willing to start his own online store or blog. Here is my personal experience with the Onlive Server.

Why should I Choose cPanel Web Hosting For our Business?

Choosing the right type of web hosting plays a significant role in creating a successful online business. It’s very important as we will be using it to give our clients peace of mind . And improve their website experiences. This is why we are here giving you information on several types of web hosting available in the market. With comparison to help you decide best among them. And yes, there are several types of web hosting services available.

Is cPanel requires for managing a website?

Every WordPress Hosting plan offered by our company comes with cPanel, which is a powerful tool for managing a website. Most internet users are not aware of how capable and versatile it is and that can be problematic for them. If they’re not using WordPress. If you want to use WordPress on our domain but don’t need all of its amazing features. You might be able to get away with using another type of web host, but if you do need those features, then you’ll definitely want to go with a good WordPress hosting plan. If you have any doubts regarding anything else in regards to web hosting or our service, please feel free to contact us at any time; we’re available 24/7. Also, check out our Google Community where everyone is welcome!

Secure your website with Cloud Flare

Cloudflare is a service that protects against a range of online threats, such as denial-of-service attacks and malicious botnets. It works by buffering your website’s traffic through its own global network and serves cached versions of your site to visitors. The effect is that even if someone floods or destroys one server in a data center, it has minimal impact on users. And, unlike other services that can slow down connections, Cloudflare has been engineered so sites using it load almost instantly. Using Cloudflare’s basic settings, you can configure many aspects of how it works—from firewall settings to security levels. Or you can use their analytics dashboard to monitor when attacks occur and which websites are being targeted most often.

Softaculous for Installing Applications

Softaculous offers hundreds of scripts that can be installed and run with a single click. Whether you want to run a social network, file-sharing website, or simply share files, Softaculous has you covered. The applications are fully-functional so once you launch them, they operate exactly as they would if they were running on an independent server. If it doesn’t fit your needs, you don’t need to pay for it – simply uninstall and choose another application.

cPanel web Hosting is Perfect for Individuals & Professionals

In today’s competitive market, it’s crucial that you do everything you can to stand out. One of our top recommendations for creating a site that attracts potential customers and stands out from others is WordPress.Over twenty-three percent of all sites are powered by WordPress, it’s no wonder why. It’s user-friendly, customizable, and well supported by a great community of both users and developers; we’re no exception here at Onlive Hosting. We believe that having a website built on WordPress is crucial for anyone looking to start their own online venture – regardless of industry or niche.

Uptime guarantee with your cPanel Hosting Plans?

The Uptime Guarantee of our cPanel web hosting packages is 99.9% with a money-back guarantee if we are unable to provide you with an uptime of 99.9%. We will refund your money in full in case of such a situation. Hosting servers monitor and checked on a regular basis for any form of downtime, but still, there may be some exceptional cases when it may last for about 5 minutes or so.

What operating system does cPanel Hosting use?

The best WordPress Hosting platform on earth uses a Linux-based operating system. You might have thought that Windows is inherently superior to Linux in all ways, but it turns out that’s not always true. In fact, one of Microsoft’s main selling points for its proprietary systems—that they’re easy enough for anyone to use—isn’t exactly an advantage; it just leads inexperienced users into making more mistakes and losing data when those errors occur.

Do you provide SSL Certificates?

Yes, Our SSL Certificates are affordable and the fastest in their technology. We provide Domain Validated SSL Certificate, Organization Validated SSL Certificate, Extended Validation SSL Certificate with a choice of 3 different encryption standards: 128-bit – 256-bit – 512-bit certificates. All Our certificates are domain validated which means that we don’t need any information about you such as credit card number or social security number for verification.

Onlive Server is the best WordPress hosting provider. we provide the cheapest, reliable, and secure hosting services in the Digital market. you can get 100% satisfaction guaranteed at Onlive Server from customer support service.

Do you provide website backups?

Unfortunately, data loss is an all-too-common occurrence. With our cloud backup solution, you can rest easy knowing that a copy of your data is kept offsite and out of harm’s way. We understand that a single mishap or attack can have catastrophic consequences, which is why we go above and beyond industry standards when it comes to providing reliable protection against both hardware failures and malicious hackers.

What are your payment methods?

We offer PayPal, Credit Card, and Bitcoin payments. If you want to use any other method, feel free to contact us. We will try our best to do it as soon as possible. But if that is not possible then we will refund your payment with no questions asked. Our customers are more than happy with our services and we don’t want a single unhappy customer in our family of loyal customers.