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Best Performance for Your Website with Thailand Dedicated Server

If you own your own website, you know that downtime can be the most frustrating and expensive thing in the world. Every second your website Thailand Dedicated Server isn’t up, you’re losing money from potential visitors who are searching online to buy products or services but cannot find them because your site is down.

You can’t afford to have your site down when it’s so easy to hire a Thailand Dedicated Server to host your content instead of trying to keep things up with shared hosting that has very limited space and speed restrictions. Check out the Hosting offerings today!

The Difference between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Server

For larger websites that get a lot of traffic or even business sites. That are expected to grow in terms of visitors and visitors, it’s a good idea to invest in a dedicated server. Unlike shared hosting where you share CPU and bandwidth, dedicated servers are assigned only to one customer. In other words, if you have your own server, then no one else will be using it except for you. You will also be able to make use of a more powerful CPU and more memory without affecting other users who share it.


Onlive Server hosting features unlimited bandwidth, a cPanel control panel, and 99.9% uptime. All our VPS accounts come with a fast and secure data center, no oversold virtual servers, 24/7 technical support, root access, and SSD-based storage.

How Dedicated Server Works?

A dedicated server is a powerful, reliable web hosting solution that meets your business’s entire web hosting needs. It’s a complete environment, like an exclusive home, where you have full control over everything and can ensure that your site has 99% uptime. Instead of running on other people’s shared resources and equipment, your own dedicated server has its own dedicated IP address. Your site will be up and running at all times, no matter. What happens to another customer or outside factors like bad weather or outages. If there is any problem affecting one of our servers or network, you will never experience it; there is no need to worry. About downtime when you are working with a true dedicated server.

Advantages of Dedicated Server

A dedicated server, also known as a physical server, is a computer that is wholly managed by you and serves only one purpose. Shared with anyone else; it’s not part of a virtualized environment. Typically located in a data center or location facility, it has everything. You need to do whatever kind of work that needs to be done — and nothing more


A Dedicated Server can offer faster page-load times and improved site performance, with no risk of downtime. With our powerful servers, you’ll never have to worry about slow load times or your site being inaccessible when you need it most. Our 24/7 support staff is always ready to help make sure your website has everything it needs to perform flawlessly at all times. Onlive Server will monitor the availability of your site, ensuring it stays online even under heavy traffic conditions.

Quality Support

Our top priority is always your business. Our support team is well trained and friendly, guaranteeing you will receive professional help when you need it. Contact us by phone, email, or live chat. There are 24/7 services waiting for you!


A dedicated server is also safer than shared hosting services. When you are using your website’s own machine, it is impossible for any sort of hacker to break in because they don’t have access to your system or any other machines on that particular network.


If you’re willing to pony up and pay extra to ensure that your website stays online, it’s worth thinking about what you really need versus what you want or wishes you had. For example, are 10 websites running off of one server going to be more efficient than?

Cheap Web Hosting Solution

Have you been searching far and wide, looking for a web hosting solution that offers everything you need in an affordable package? Do you want to host your website securely without spending more than $149 per month? If so, it’s time to consider getting yourself a Cheap Dedicated Server. It comes with all of the bells and whistles you’re likely to need—and at an unbeatable price.

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