Best Beginner’s Guide to Choose Cheap Windows VPS by Onlive Server


Virtual Private Server and VPS hosting refer to a type of hosting that uses a virtual server partitioned from a physical server. We will allow a user to use a total of up to split servers to run their hosting, so fast and reliable performance can be expected. Cheap Windows VPS implies hosting programming that utilizes Windows technology. Since each VPS hosting runs on a different operating system, users think that they are independent servers.

Features of Cheap Windows VPS

Utilizing the best Cheap Windows VPS, you will come to realize that VPS servers offer fundamental security highlights and predominant execution. Every Windows VPS server is incredible and empowers productive and effective business the board.

  1. Free installation and quick stationing are offered by onlive servers.
  2. This enables full core access to regulate the virtual private server.
  3. It enables the VPS server to shut down, boot, reboot independently and quickly.
  4. It helps Microsoft’s Hyper-V technology become a virtualized platform.
  5. You will be provided with a unique IP address, RAM, and specified disk space.
  6. You will encounter limitless and continuous VPS Hosting.
  7. VPS Windows hosting companies offer plans that can be completely personalized and upgraded in the future to meet your specific hosting need.
  8. World-class security that can prevent any kind of virtual security threat.
  9. Pre-configured to manage critical services.


Before going through the features and reviews of plans offered by Onlive Server, you must be aware of the advantages of Cheap Windows VPS services.

  1. Cheap windows VPS will help you shut down, reboot, and boot your server and also use this hosting to check disk usage status.
  2. You will get maximum uptime for business-critical applications.
  3. You will experience excellent performance with 99.5% network connectivity and high speed.
  4. Minimum risk of virus attack.
  5. The best Cheap windows VPS offers plans that are flexible enough to enable the installation of accordant software applications.
  6. You will be able to scale your Windows VPS server to different levels of usage depending on your business needs.
  7. You can expect cheap VPS Windows hosting as this hosting is cost-effective as compared to dedicated hosting.

Overall, one can say that the benefits of cheap windows VPS include secure and quick convenience setup, advanced website streamlining, and excellent performance.


      Here are some of the disadvantages of Cheap Windows VPS and what you should consider when identifying your hosting needs.

  1. A Windows VPS server is less durable than a dedicated server. This means that it is suitable for websites that attract moderate traffic. If you own a large web portal that most of the time runs on resource-hungry applications and this involves sending hundreds of emails every day, then a dedicated server would be a better option.
  2. Although VPS Windows hosting providers guarantee world-class security solutions for their hosting plans, still, other users may affect your hosting. Some providers are not able to allocate resources properly. This can cause problems if a specific website uses its resources to extreme levels. The VPS host might have isolated the server space among countless clients, betting on the likelihood that they won’t utilize the whole data transmission assigned to them.

Onlive Server provides Cloud Windows VPS Hosting and its aspects

Every cloud-based Windows VPS server hosting market has an attraction for resellers. As a reseller, you will be able to design develop and register Windows-based cloud web applications across their entire hosting space. Some providers offer cheap VPS Windows hosting servers thus saving customers much money in the form of discounts.

Before purchasing a Cloud VPS Windows hosting service, you should check the versions of Windows Server offered by your chosen provider. At the same time, you should check the features and parameters of the available cloud panels.

You can also choose the Cloud VPS to expand your business by Onlive Server. It provides all the features as per the requirement of your business.t is a high-performance hosting service and can be used to host a variety of websites, such as blogs, forums, and eCommerce sites, and also offers free setup and flexible technical support. With the goal that customers do not face any difficult situation.